Why play?

The Miracle League of Westchester is an all inclusive program that allows individuals with special needs the opportunity to play baseball in an organizaed safe enviornment.

The Miracle League of Westchester serves not only individuals with special needs but also their families. In addition to our baseball program we now offer adpative soccer in the summer and many social events thoughtout the year. 

Benefits of playing

  • Making friendships and interacting socially with peers.
  • Participating in a program that promotes physical activity and a spirit of encouragement.
  • Developing relationships with buddies, coaches and members of the extended community.

Rules for playing

  • Have fun!
  • Games played at The Field of Dreams, Ridge Road Park, Hartsdale NY
  • The field is handicapped accessible and the size of a small baseball field with a synthetic surface that allows easy use of wheel chairs, walkers, and other adaptive devices.
  • Gloves, Balls and bats are provided by the league for game day.
  • The Miracle League season consist of a spring and a fall season for children 4-21 years of age and an Adult program in the summer.
  • The spring season is approximately 7 weeks long from late April to June.
  • The fall season is approximately 7 weeks long from September in to mid-October. 

Saturday July 13th games cancelled due to anticipated rain.